Old Guy Hockey friends at whole foods bar

Well it’s been a while since I caught up with Lance (who by the way is a craft beer expert) at Whole Foods Craft Bar .We got caught up on the holidays and my recent knee replacement. I was glad to hear that Lance played hockey during the holiday skates with Nev’s Group!  


We had a surprise as we were sipping our beer. Lance was like ” Did you see who just walked by?” Nope ! 

Well Lance ran out and crabbed another blast from the past for some of youoos guys .  

Yes … That’s Russ Anderson … For those who haven’t seen this OGH relic for a while. It was great to catch up with Russ and Lance today ….. Russ had a great Kidney stone story but I don’t want to ruin your dinner . 

Needless to say … As we have all or at least most of us have gone through some old man stuff as we try to stay active … It’s great to see  some old friends and reminise… Some of us have known each other from getting back into hockey 25 years ago or before that .

So grateful for all the years of skating with you guys and can’t wait to get back ! Great to see Lance and Russ today . Talk soon!

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