Peppers and Eggs on a Snowy Day in New England

January 4, 2018

This is what happens to many people on snowy days …. I think … (maybe its just me but I doubt it) I worked a little extra yesterday knowing the weather was going to suck today and stayed home today. So I decided to Cook , Drink and Eat . That’s a pretty good plan for a crappy day right ?? I made a promise to myself that I would…


Old Guy Hockey Guys Know How To Play

When I say Old Guy Hockey Guys Know How to play….. I mean they really know how to play! Here is one of our own Mr. Steve that knows how to play on the ice as well as of the ice. Steve and Mike played at a local pub (Killarney’s) last week and they were awesome. A bunch of us went down and enjoyed a night of good music and…

January 19, 2014

Boston Garden National Anthem 4/17/13

As we all have been angry, sad, questioning, numb and any other adjective you can come up with since Mondays Bombing of the Boston Marathon. As a Hockey Fan I was greatly moved by the response to the singing of the National Anthem as I’m sure all who watched the Game were. It was one of  those moments in life that needed no intro or explanation. It was a group…

April 18, 2013