Dads 1956 Torpedo 14

It’s been 58 years since my dad received this boat when he was 18. Most families have family heirlooms or antiques kicking around but I’ll tell ya if this heirloom could talk …. You’d need a mimiograph ??machine to run off the copies of the stories this boat could tell .
And if you don’t believe me, ask my friends or my brother Robs friends, or my brother Lou’s friends and last but not least little brother Mikes friends.

3 generations of learning how to water ski( dads, ours and our kids) and just having a blast with an amazing versatile runabout boat that was obviously built well because each generation beat the hell out of it.


And now we just try to baby it so we can preserve such an important part of our family’s summertime enjoyment. Obviously I have a huge soft spot in my heart for this old boat and hopefully I’ll be able to continue to post about it every year !!

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