All Day Power Play

All Day Power Play is a fund raising event to Benefit the Nashua Children’s Home. This is the 5th year running and this 24 hour event has been a success each year. Some of my hockey buddies play in it every year and love it. The event is hosted  by the Cyclones Arena  in Hudson , NH.

 The Arena owners donate both rinks and staff  the event for for the full 24 hours. After finding out how much this helps the Nashua Childrens Home , my son Matt and I decided to go for it. He’s in good shape , me , well that’s another story. I play a few times a week but it’s been a long time since I’ve pulled an all nighta never mind played hockey the whole night! 

 So I have a month to get conditioned to skate (I hope for at least 12 of the 17.5 hours of games) in the event. If any of you would like to DONATE to support the event feel free to send me a Check for any amount made out to the : Nashua Childrens Home. 

   Mail it to me  Steve D’Angelo  P.O. Box 1460 , Nashua, Nh 03061 and I’ll present the donations the day of the event  or you can go directly to the Nashua Childrens Home site   and Donate with Paypal. When you donate at their site  in the NOTES section just mention All Day Power Play – Steve DAngelo. For more details about the event visit  All Day Power Play.

I love their tag line “If  you want something done ask a hockey player

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