Covid 1984 Update … Vax / Antibodies / Natural Immunity / hockey Locker rooms provide it all

The Video is mostly personal and some may say political but I’m a firm believer that the hockey locker room is a safe space.

No Virus will survive the typical Hockey locker room. Some say the virus thrives …. No, I actually saw the crona visibly flee the locker room one day when I went by to visit and it scared me so bad I left without saying Hello to the guys!! Crazy but true!

I was was very scared , almost as scared as I was trying to execute the left wing lock many years ago … still having flash backs.

I would like some feed back from my hockey brothers and sisters on what the hell is going on in our country …. I realize I see things one way but I would like to open it up and converse as to what others see is happening in our plain sight. Talk Soon.

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