Peppers and Eggs on a Snowy Day in New England

January 4, 2018

This is what happens to many people on snowy days …. I think … (maybe its just me but I doubt it) I worked a little extra yesterday knowing the weather was going to suck today and stayed home today. So I decided to Cook , Drink and Eat . That’s a pretty good plan for a crappy day right ?? I made a promise to myself that I would…


Thanksgiving Morning Hockey….. the Tradition Continues

Thanksgiving 2017 is sneaking up quickly and my buddy Nev has done it again. We got 6 sheets of ice going on thanksgiving morning! It’s always the most fun skate of the year. You see guys that you haven’t since last year as well as guys you used to skate with in different leagues or pick up. Combined there is about 130 players and we start at 6:15 am and…

November 8, 2017