Friday Morning Hockey 5/24/13 – Old Guy Hockey – Old Guy of the Week

Well we all have a great game this week at Conway arena. We were missing a few regulars and we had a few no shows that made the ice time totals  feel  a little CHARA  – esk .

Not that I’m whining but extra ice time along with a little more humidity in the rink made it a little tiring chasing around the likes of Gerry, Matt and Jade. Thanks to Murph for subbing in along with Dix jr. to fill out the roster. This weeks OGH old guy of the week has to go to Rollie.

The fact that Rollie was subbing for Scott G. made his pick a no brainer. He stepped up and had a great game. He did play D (an unusual Scott G. position) but I was glad to have him back there to ward off the likes of Jack C. and Kevin.

Thanks to Tommy and Ronnie for solid performances in the nets …. kept the goals in the single digits I think???? And for those of you who haven’t recognized the ingenuity of Rollie, he is the Techy of our Tuesday Morning Hockey Group. In this photo Rollie has shown why he is our TMT (Tuesday morning Techy).helmet 2If you ever need any action video taken whether during an ice hockey game or if you’re maybe water skiing , tubing or some other outdoor action sports, Rollie will set you up with the full scale helmet cam system to capture all the action!


rollies_helmet cam

See you next week



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