Fun Time with the League of Scoundrels

I had the pleasure this morning to be a sub for the Vegas Gold Team. I haven’t been a regular league player for many years now.

I used to play in the Early Bird League but stopped about 4 years ago and have been playing pick up 2-3 days a week. I forgot how much I missed playing with officiating and stop time. It was a real fun time especially because the game went both ways pretty evenly and both teams experienced what could be called lapses in Old Guy Hockey judgement. Vegas Gold pulled away with a 3 goal lead at one point (5-2) soon to be matched and tied with 2 short handed goals by Silver and then another quick one to make it 5-5. We had a real competive finish and it was fun to see a few guys I hadn’t seen for a long time. Check out the League of Scoundrels. Thanks for the invite Mike and Lori !

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