Knee replacement in the morning

As I sit here in my living room trying to stay awake, I think of all the things to be thankful for. 

 I’m trying to stay up till 12:30 so I can sleep till 7:00 or so ! When getting surgery you can’t eat or drink after midnite. 

The problem I have is I’m a miserable bastard if I don’t have my 2 cups of bold French roast in the morning !

I’m usually up around 4:30 when I get to bed at 10…. So my theory is , I stay up as late as I can … Sleep till 7-7:30??? I hope and then just start getting ready to leave for the hospital at 9:00.

Hope it works. I never really eat much in the morning so that won’t be an issue . The more I talk about not having coffe the more I’m getting stressed about it … Blah blah blah !

The exciting thing about getting my knee done is doing the stuff I used to do if possible .

Just think maybe next summer …. 

 Hope to see some of you guys back on the ice in the spring ! I’ll keep the updates coming!

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