Knee replacement two weeks away

Well it’s been an interesting 9 months. As some of you know I’ve had a left knee issue for 20 years or so.

Last February (in the middle of a League of Scondrels morning game) I  blew out my back really bad.

I chose to continue to play thinking I could work out the tweak and feel better. Now some of you guys know what it’s like to have regular pain on a regular basis. So as someone that’s used to being in pain (knee , lower back etc) while playing hockey I figured I’d shrug it off and … you know ….. it will go away .

Well that didn’t happen. I felt like Pacchiorety must have felt like after Chara clocked him into the stanchion ……chara

canadiens-390x285 After walking like an old man for 3 weeks (the rest of February) and Physical Therapy ( March and April), I have a whole new respect for people that have back problems.  All  the years of having bad knees, I always said at least I have a strong back! Not any more…..

Come to find out after all those years of favoring my left knee and bending with my back instead of my knees caught up with me.

I ended up with L 2/3 and L4/5 ruptured disc’s. The 4/5 was the main problem …… A real pain in the Ass ! Those of you who have had this issue will know exactly what I’m talking about.

back old man


Basically your lower back aches endlessly and your butt cheek is in constant pain (kinda like sciatica).

I ended up getting a series of shots in the spine to take the pain away…. and it worked so far…..  that was in April and May.

I just kind of took it easy during the summer , I walked and swam a lot. I really missed playing hockey. Swimming was the best exercise for the back issues. I’ve always enjoyed swimming, especially in lake. So most of the summer was recovering from the back stuff.IMG_0763



A buddy of mine Paul D. let me borrow a paddle board for the month of June. I really loved the board and can see myself using it regularly in the future . Only Problem is it makes the knee feel like crap. The only way I can describe it is, my knee joint starts to slide around bone on bone at certain points of adjusting to balance. The only way my left knee didn’t hurt was if I kept it completely straight, which is almost impossible on the paddle board.paddle board



I just started playing hockey again in November to try to get the legs in shape before knee surgery. I’ve been a little paranoid to start skating again……. not for the knee issues(figured I cant make it worse) but for the back issues. I never want to feel the way I felt back in February and March. So far so good. I’ve played Tuesdays and Friday mornings for a month now. The back seems good…… the knees another story.



It’s weird and if anyone can relate let me know. When I get up at 4:15 a.m. on Tuesdays for hockey  I have my coffee , watch the news and head out around 5:00.  I feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I need shot of wd 40 in the knee to get going. Then I get to the rink around 5:15  – 5:30 get dressed and on the ice by 5:45 . By this time I’ve taken 3 advil and have lubed up the knees with either Biofreeze or Real Time Pain Relief. Both work good for a time.  The problem I’ve been having is that the first 20 minutes of hockey I’m loosing up and working myself into the game…… Seems like the middle 20 minutes of the game I feel pretty good…… then the last 20 minutes it starts going down hill.


Is it worth it …… Yes…… does it hurt ….. Yes…… for those who play or have played recreational sports as adults…… it’s like you’re a drug addict ….. not trying to be insensitive here. But if you’ve done something that you love for a long time and you are out for injury, work situation, family situation whatever it may be, you crave to get back to your …. Routine, Passion, Love, Fix if you will.

I know many friends that due to injury missed months of hockey and all I believe are on the same page when it comes to getting back!!


Next edition……

Getting ready for knee surgery


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