Peppers and Eggs on a Snowy Day in New England

This is what happens to many people on snowy days …. I think … (maybe its just me but I doubt it)

I worked a little extra yesterday knowing the weather was going to suck today and stayed home today.

So I decided to Cook , Drink and Eat . That’s a pretty good plan for a crappy day right ??

I made a promise to myself that I would not tap the bottle of wine until after noon time when I start making a sauce

and meatballs !



Cook up the Onions a little bit first , I use Olive oil most of the time and some nice Roasted Garlic Powder !


Then just throw the rest in,  mix it up and let it cook till its just right !



I cracked 6 eggs and scrambled them up. Then just pour it over the whole thing. Add some more garlic , salt and pepper and whatever else you want to throw in there. You could easily stretch this and put 8 or 10 eggs in if you want to.


The Finished Product … Now its time to eat… Crack open the bottle of Wine… Get the sauce going …. And hopefully get the Meatballs made before I finish the bottle of wine!!

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