Physical Therapy is going well

Well it’s been a week of out patient PT and I feel that the physical therapy has been going great.
I had 2 outpatient appointments this week for PT. Keith over at performance physical therapy worked my knee really hard and the results of been great. 

 I can almost straighten my leg completely out and my knee bending past 95° with a little pushing has been great.

I think by Monday I’ll be able to walk without crutches, I’m down to one crutch and I feel pretty comfortable and strengthening my legs with some new exercises. Not bad for 18 days after surgery.

Hope all the other old guy hockey wounded are doing well. Hope to see some of you guys soon. I here Steve Kelly’s playing at the Princeton station next week maybe I’ll see you some you there. 

 And no Ronnie …..I won’t be doing any dancing ha ha Ha ha ha haha

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