Tuesday Morning Hockey 


It’s been a few months since I’ve seen the inside of rink. So I decided to head over to Cyclones Arena in Hudson, NH to visit the guys.



Everyone is doing great and the locker room banter hasn’t changed . For those of you who still play hockey or used to play , you know exactly what locker room banter is all about!

Didn’t recognize Nev without the goalie crap on but I did notice the trying to score from the goal line move that has been successful over the years for him !





I think this play here started with the left wing lock and developed into a high quality scoring chance ??





  The white team looks much happier than the black team.





Great to get by the rink to see the guys . For some of you that have always played mornings before work , you’re probably like me and wake up early everyday naturally.

While recovering from my knee replacement, I’ve suffered with insomnia, so I’m up earlier than ever now.  Hopefully when it’s time to get back on the skates the insomnia will be done and I can happily wake up at 4am after a quality 6 hours of sleep !

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