Boston Moment of Silence One week after the bombing

Part of me didn’t want to even think about this anymore … I just wanted to move forward. Then as I was heading home from work to do a few errands I was listening to sports radio 93.7 FM… those in the Boston area know the station… and I was listening to their coverage of the last week and realized how much this situation affected me.

First thing is that I wanted to honor the fallen at the moment of silence at 2:50 pm eastern time. So I was doing a few errands and trying to get to the truck in time to just reflect for a moment on the loss of life and pray for the injured and their recovery.

I got to the truck just in time for the moment of silence and had the chance to actually just be still for a few moments…in BJ’s Parking lot just got finished shopping…. I bowed my head and reflected. The guys on 93.7 did an awesome job today as well as last week to cover this event. I usually listen to talk radio … not so much sports talk… but for some reason I turned on 93.7 and these guys just hit the nail on the head!!

Basically it came down to this…. It’s all about choices. The two Terrorist Brothers made a Choice! As I thought about the innocent Chinese student Lingzi Lu who came here to study and be part of the American Dream to learn in Institutions in a Country that allows foreign students to come and be part of a free society that gives you an opportunity to advance and learn in any field of study you wish. The two terrorist brothers had the same opportunity as far as I can see…. they chose different. The Two brothers had , what it seemed like a similar chance to advance , at least from the initial reports, in studies, sports and scholarship. They chose to go down the road that the Media doesn’t like to address…. Radical Muslim Extremism… Call it like it is. These 2 brothers chose a path that led them down the road that we’ve become familiar with. The problem is that we all know what road they went down but the Media is reluctant to call it was it is.

So what the hell happened, they were influenced, sucked in, brainwashed, whatever… the difference is when you get sucked into a cult, false religion, turn your back on your upbringing, join a commune, start tripping on acid…. what ever mind altering thing that you do? Question do you wake one day in the middle of your life as a ( fill in the blank) and decide to BLOW UP women and children and innocent people watching a road race??

We all can answer this… Only one group can claim this as a response. If you don’t like our way of life here and it upsets you that much… it’s simple … LEAVE… GET OUT. But no that’s not enough. You need to go after the innocent among us to make some kind of statement. Your kind has all and every opportunity here in the USA and you decide to Kill and destroy rather that move forward.

It’s a warped view regardless of the politics and world view. I hope our country will start to filter more in regards to immigration because this is becoming more of a problem as time goes on.

Years ago this was not much of a concern but now, it needs to be considered when people come too this melting pot.

My Prayers go out to the families of those who died and to those injured last week.

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