Old Guy Hockey Knee Replacement Update 6/7/16

Hope everyone is doing well. It been a while since I’ve written and  was glad to see some of the guys this morning. I’ve been doing other stuff since I haven’t been playing hockey. Got back to the gym once the knee started feeling better. Got back to work at full speed for the last few months. I want to thank Paul D. for letting me borrow his paddle board, that has been fun using the board at the lake. The board is great exercise for the core as well as the knees.

This morning was the first time I laced up the skates since early December. The guys were making fun of me based on the fact that I got fully dressed (all equipment) just to skate a while. Some of them thought I was going to play. I assured them that “no I’m not playing and yes I’m fully equipped for my own safety” if you know what I mean.



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  1. If you were at Tues Morn Cyclones skate, even at 10% recovered you probably would’ve fit in fine, perhaps even excelled! 🙂

  2. thanks Bob … my knee was maybe ready for a few shifts but not a whole game …. the TMHL was my first skate over 20 years ago . Those guys have a lot of fun and even though we have to put up with the likes of Neverett and Paul D. its still a good time. hope to be back next week!

  3. How did it feel after Stevie? Any pain or stiffness? I’m ignoring your little comment above, but I did see it, just so you know, so it’s not a bad idea to suit up, even if it is for just during warmup.

    See you next week.

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences; they have been very encouraging.
    I just underwent a total replacement of my right knee four days ago, and I was hoping to return to skating in about six months.
    I have been advised that the goalie days are done, but I hope to return to skating with the over-55 group in my area by next summer.

    Thanks again!

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