Start Over ?

As I sit here and watch the Kings and Coyotes battle back and forth, I could’t help but think about how much I’m going to miss being involved with youth hockey. Since 1996 I’ve been involved at some level. Going to the rink to play a game of pick up at 6 A.M. with my buddies is always a blast. Getting up early and having quality time with your kid, as I’ve done for 15 years, is at a different plane. I can’t get over how much I’ve been thinking about all the youth games, road trips and tournaments that have been part of my life for those years. I’m wondering what is next … start going to tournaments with my hockey guys(they go all over the place to tournaments), I’ve never had the time to go , now I think I may have the time. Maybe I could start all over again and see if our youth hockey organization needs any Mite coaches to begin the next season. I’m not quite sure what’s next in that department but I do know that I will get involved at some point with the next generation of young hockey players. In a future post I really want to elaborate on the great friendships for both kids and parents that youth hockey has brought to my family. That has been a great part of the experience.  The 3rd Period of the Kings / Coyotes just started   … 3-3 .  I’ll get back to these thoughts here next time.

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