Tuesday Morning Hockey Cyclones Arena

Well that was fun this morning. Joe and Ronnie played great in net (we really thank you guys for being there). As one who plays defense most of the time I can put up with the comments from the goalies because without them… not so fun, you know, plus we love you guys… It was actually a very close game for the most part with the usual swings of momentum ( haha). Black jumped to a 3-1 lead about 20 minutes into the game. As a veteran on the black team and member of the original Tuesday morning transition teams (TMTT) I know that a 2 goal lead is like eating a Kimballs Ice cream cone on a hot humid day… you betta enjoy it now before it disappears.


Before you knew it was 5-5 then 8-6 then I think we ended up at 9-7 Black.   Fun as usual and most of all no major injuries. I tweaked the back at the very beginning but it seems ok and Jimmy D looked like a drunken sailer trying to get up after going down. I guess his hip popped in and out a few times… Old Guy Hockey….. It was great Stevie P back on D  and Scotty G and Matt D there to balance the power. One more thing , today the posts were truely the goalies best friend. On both ends of the ice the sound of solid pipe kept ringing. Looking forward to next tuesdays match up. See you next time.

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