Tuesday Morning Hockey (TMHL)

This was  the Facebook Banter Today



Joseph Abreu Jr 7 hours ago via iGoogle Gadget · .

Well lets just chalk up this mornings skate as learning experience. (of how NOT to play goalie) ugh. But there was one nice “head save” in there.


Kevin Crimp I can see your five-hole from here! 7 hours ago · Like.


Joseph Abreu Jr Hahah yea left that open once or twice. Groan 6 hours ago via mobile · Like.


Ron Normandin Wish I was there to see the “show” 6 hours ago · Like.


Neverett Smith hmmm , i thought Chuck played well , sorry Joe 6 hours ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon Not once or twice, 4 times Joe 🙂 5 hours ago via mobile · Like.


Joseph Abreu Jr Thanks for the reminder Scott…funny how some slip my mind. 😉 must have still been ringing when you were hitting me in the head instead of that “top corner” you called earlier. 😀   5 hours ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon I shot for that top corner all morning! I couldn’t hit it though, the back of the net kept getting in the way. Hahaha 5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1.


Connor Abreu Oh wow, what was the damage? 20 goals? I thought you on a good day was 9 hahaha 5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon Let’s just say white had a good day…  ……. Times 1.5 5 hours ago via mobile · Like.

Joseph Abreu Jr think the total was 13..ish. 😉 5 hours ago · Like.


Steven Patterson Oh by the way, I meant to say good morning to you but I never got back to the D zone. Sorry Joe! 5 hours ago · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon ISH 4 hours ago via mobile · Like.


Scott Gagnon Thats funny Steve!!!   Sue them all for lack if support Joe!! 4 hours ago via mobile · Like.


Bob Coco I’ve sub’d on that Tues skate a few times, defense is NOT a high priority, heck not even in the top ten! 4 hours ago · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon It ranks just below winning the face off 4 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1.




Steve DAngelo I knew there was a law suit coming so I moved up to right wing with 25 minutes left in the game…. Sorry Joe I know I made at least one good centering pass right to them …oops 2 hours ago · Like · 2.



an ugly crew


Steve DAngelo And for you Mr. Coco I resemble that comment … I mean resent… I mean you may be alittle correct… I mean WTF I’m playing up from now on …. Booo Hooo 2 hours ago · Like · 1.


Joseph Abreu Jr ‎:) its ok steve, if i could have moved up to wing i would have also. 2 hours ago · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon I meant to thank you for that pass Steve!  Thank you!!   2 hours ago via mobile · Like.


Joseph Abreu Jr Scott you should save some typing and just write “thanks Black team” about an hour ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon LMAO! about an hour ago via mobile · Like.


Scott Gagnon Thank you Black Team!! (checks are in the mail). about an hour ago via mobile · Like.


Bob Coco Steve defense is easy, all you got to do is stand between Gagnon and the net. about an hour ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon Darlene tried that this morning! I think it hurt me seeing it hit her ankle more than it hurt her though! about an hour ago via mobile · Like.


Scott Gagnon The difference between most D and goalies: the D are smart enough to move out of the way of a shoot puck! about an hour ago via mobile · Like.


Bob Coco ‎”D are smart enough”… poor choice of words. about an hour ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon True! about an hour ago via mobile · Like.


Bob Coco Best way to distract them is to get one of those lasers, you know like you use on cats. about an hour ago · Like.


Scott Gagnon That’s a good idea, those things will reach out to the neutral zone…. Which is about the closest Joe’s D got to him today!! Hahaha. Thanks black team 🙂 54 minutes ago via mobile · Like.




Steve DAngelo Had to step out for a while and find all this “D” slamming very upsetting … I feel it may be time to fire up a conversation about BACK CHECKING AND SCORING… you see if the “D” didn’t have to worry about A) is their goalie paying attention B) Are their forwards going to even clear the offensive zone by the time the other team enter our zone C) How many F@#$ posts do you have to hit before you actually put one in D) When we finally get up the balls to pinch in is anyone even considering covering for us …. their is to much to put here I’ll continue on Old Guy Hockey with todays game summary …. I’ll let you know when the F$%#&* ESSAY is done ! BTW the Black team hit a little bump in the road today… WE’LL BE BACK

33 minutes ago · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon WOW! I didn’t think a D could form a complete sentence, never mind am essay!! I must say I am very impressed Steve!! One of us will help you goalies read all those words later 😉 26 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1.




Steve DAngelo Nice …. See what I mean … You Power forwards have no idea what it’s like f#$% up one of the only opportunies of the game to score and suffer the humiliation as you head back to the bench after missing an open net and hearing the muttering from the “offense” (used loosely) … “uhuh I woulda had that” or “WTF was that” so again I’ll send the link to the “essay” … Can’t wait till next week ..gonna bring it up a notch if I have any notches left. I’ll have to check on the notch factor !

16 minutes ago · Like · 1.


Joseph Abreu Jr Steve, please note I took all blame for todays loss. I should have won that game. I said nothing bad about the D. 14 minutes ago · Like · 1.




Steve DAngelo Oh no Joe don’t you start taking all the blame. That no back checking, shooting wide, lack of cycling, no dumping in or dump and watch group of forwards along with our lackluster kicking in,trying to play goalie, can’t break out, not getting it out of the zone, screaning f@#$in “D” need to have a white board session between now and Tuesday. That’s right a sit down review of the pathetic performance…. BTW there will be drinks served.. whatever that Schlitz like beer Nev was trying to peddle this morning

6 minutes ago · Like · 1.


Scott Gagnon You guys play like you did again next week and I will bring the beer!!! Name your flavor 🙂 about a minute ago via mobile · Like.



Steve DAngelo If the white board session doesn’t go well and the same team shows up. Just bring me a 12 pack of Sam Lite and I’ll just drown my sorrows! 3 seconds ago · Like.


That was the latest Banter up to this point… and I must say it was evident that those who were participating were not working to hard before the long weekend (Happy 4Th of July BTW)!

Todays game was needless to say a “breakdown to the core of the stucture of the Black team”. Now we had Matt trying to elevate the level of play and the rest of us looking like, as my Dad used to say “who done it and why”. Now I know Matt is still learning the game, tries to do it on his own and doesn’t have the wisdom that us OLD GUY Playas have but , if we slowed the game down anymore we would have been standing still (ask Scott , he’ll tell you). Matt’s Head manning the puck looked like icings because he’s not used to the level of SPEED we haved developed over the years. I think he tried to adjust but by that time we were actually were standing still.

I must give credit to the white team for being able to capitalize on every chance that were given to them. Great plays by Joe A. and John G. to keep the pressha on in our zone. Stella “D” by Reggie , Chris and Gordie. I’m not even going to mention Scott G. because …. well …. we got schooled…. It’s great having the good competion with the additions of Keith and Walter to the list and off coarse I must Mention Our Fearless Leader Paul “centaaaaaaaaa” Deroche for his usual energized play and tireless hustle.


Thanks to Chuck for coming today and playing awesome. I really thought I had one….. but NOOOOOO I was robbed.

It was great to have Darlene back afta a Italian Holiday ( I’m Jealous .. haven’t been back to the old country yet) although we were a little worried when she started blocking shots…. we were not sure it she was on Italy time an it was time for a nap or what.. (laying down in front of shots tends to prove you drank to much of that homemade Vino ova there!!

Don't forget about All Day Power Play

I wanted to just close out this with something a little serious but I think legitimate. After all the years of having fun and being involved with all you guys. From the time of the skills and drills of Tuesday Morning when I first started playing again after 20 years. To Rollies Monday Group that I played with for many years, to the early bird league, to Smitty’s Wednesday group to Ronnies Friday group… It is always, in the big sceme of things, the best part of the day (other than family) and  with all you characters there is never a dull moment whether in the locker room, on the bench Etc. Old Guy Hockey … so much fun. Until next week… Have a great 4th and stay safe and soba.. well forget about that last one!


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