TMHL .. Another Tuesday morning Game at Cyclones Arena

Game On

As the game was about to begin I looked over to the white team side of the ice. I saw Scotty, Joe A, the other Joe A, Keith and the Big Men on D, Gordy and Kent. I looked at the Dark team and I saw Brian (hasn’t played in 2 weeks), Steve C. (been on vaca), Paul (playing injured), Dave usually plays D (playing up), myself (haven’t been myself … a little stomach bug I think, lace bite on one ankle and worried about world affairs if Obama gets elected again), the only normal thing going on was that Jimmy was still hustling and Gary was still coaching. Darlene was still speaking Italian and Neverett was still talking about how he forgot to pick up the donuts.

I knew from the get go that we were screwed…. no focus…out skilled….and worst of all…. I couldn’t shake my thoughts of those 2 spectators laughing at us ( I know I saw one of them move 3 weeks ago). Anyway the game started off ok. I think white scored in the first 30 seconds or so.  I felt Bad for Jimmy R in net, he tries to comunicate with his D but usually it’s after the play has happened (defensemen can not process instruction during the play) that said I’ll take the constructive comment and TRY not to let it happen again.

The beginning wasn’t to bad, interesting to see Chris on D on white ( couldn’t be because white was stacked with offense  …. naaaaa).

Mid Game Antics

As the game progressed the the dark team felt the easiest breakout was an icing because our breakout passing sucked. Not to mention the best pass I made all day was to Joe Am behind the net for a quick give and go to Joe Ab (Joe Ab, just to let you know, I made that pass better than you ever could !!). Oh forgot to mention you guys were on the opposing team oooops!!  Brad had his usual consistant game of hustle and general pestiness (if that’s a word). Gary’s son was the other weapon that the white team accuired …. young legs… skill….good hands…. all things that the dark team does not posess. At one point after the frustration of sucky defense got to me and I was moved to forward (another bonus for the Dark team , me on forward), I layed an agressive forcheck on Rolly. Even though I could not gain body position on Rolly’s ass and the puck was successfully broken back out by white, I had to listen to the banter on the white bench as I buzzed by …. you just commited 4 penalties or some crap like that!!  The dark team Clicked on most of there plays and tallied one on allmost every shift. If Scotty decided to play full speed we would have been really screwed. Joe Ab get back in the net … sick of chasing you and Joe Am please stop backchecking and give the dark team a chance.

Thanks to Walter for all the great play making and scoring!


In conclusion I want to thank Ron for letting me score a couple ( they are few and far between). Seriously thanks Ronnie for being there and thanks to Jimmy also for keeping the game somewhat respectable ( I think it ended up at like 12-7 maybe). As for you White guys , we’ll see you next week get ready. And Nev don’t forget the donuts next week! Maybe we can lull the white team into a donut coma before the game!!

If any of you guys have any old guy hockey pics send them to me so I can add them to the library.


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