Tuesday morning hockey 9/10/13

The black team got spanked this morning by the continued onslaught from the white teams offense. Black got out to a quick lead with one early on , but that was it. The final was something like 8-1 …. Ouch! The white team played a tight game all around … good goal tending (Fitzy) along with good “D”. The Black team missed a few good opportunities but couldn’t match whites…

September 10, 2013

High Tech Helmet Cam

For those of you who were at the rink a few weeks ago , we had a real treat. After Rollie settled in and started to get his gear on he say’s “hey Check out my new helmet Cam” and out of his hockey bag attached to his helmet is the relic that you can see in the photo. Nice job hooking up that contraption. Most of us can remember using…

December 3, 2012

Support Your Local Small Business

For Many of us it’s alot easier to make the one stop shop and hit the big box store for all our needs. I like to shop online instead since I don’t like the crowds and traffic. But when it comes to most items I will try to support the local small Businesses. For many years I was the local small business in the Catering realm and really appreciated all…

November 19, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 11/6/12

Tuesday Morning Hockey Election Day 11/6/12 … The presidency may change hands today… But the TMHL will forge forward with it’s policies of Locker room banter, a few laughs, exercise for all and post game analysis. Seriously, as our Country seems to be changing and we all may have concerns for our future as well as our kids future, we can all be thankful that we live here and have…

November 8, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/23/12

This video provided by our ” I’m not going to be able to play Tuesday’s anymore goalie Joe A. who has been here every week since he left us” outlined the skill and physical agility of the OLDGUYHOCKEY (new photos)  group that we have on Tuesday’s.   I thought today’s game started off pretty even as far as momentum goes but I did notice some Chatter going on behind the scenes….

October 24, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/16/12

Well today started off with a pleasant surprise. Got to the rink and Paul mentioned that Richie Ray was playing net in Kyles place instead of Joe. Now as President Obama says often “Let me be clear” I’m not happy that Joe wasn’t in net ( if you read on you’ll find that is not the case)  but I was really happy to hear that Richie was back in action….

October 16, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/9/12

Well I have to say today’s game started off very slow. Slow in the speed department and slow in the scoring department. But all in all the game started to pick up pace as the clock ticked. Scottie G. led the black team’s offense with the zip that they needed to pick it up a little bit.  White started off sluggish but with the help off our fearless former goalie…

October 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 9/24/12

Thanks to Neverett for a “better late than never”  review of the game.   Our goalie with the bullet cam got traded to Wednesdays but we are still waiting to find out what we get in return. I brought him beer and donuts last tues but he wasnt there. It is just not the same without him.  Even Paul is devastated, he is sending out emails a week in advance……

October 1, 2012