Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/23/12

This video provided by our ” I’m not going to be able to play Tuesday’s anymore goalie Joe A. who has been here every week since he left us” outlined the skill and physical agility of the OLDGUYHOCKEY (new photos)  group that we have on Tuesday’s.


I thought today’s game started off pretty even as far as momentum goes but I did notice some Chatter going on behind the scenes. Mostly Goalie Speak to defensive (or so called defensive players).

It might be the start of a new series for all of us that try our best to support our goal tenders.  One of the bones of contention is the fact that the defensive players tend to try and I say try to help out by playing goalie.

What I mean is this (most of you guys have done this) the play is coming toward you and you see the potential pass open but the guy goes shot, you tense up and the shot comes and instiictively or by reflex you try to get a stick on it.

At this point in your head you’re already thinking …. shit I may tip this in the wrong direction and score on my own goalie, but deep down inside you really want to see the look on your goalie’s face as you create chaos and redirect the puck (that would’ve been wide) directly on net usually in the direction of the far post or a head shot!

Now I saw Gary do a similar scenario this week on Joe , fortunately the puck went wide, but Goalie comunication is key in keeping his defensive players in check. So telling us (the defensive players ) to stop F$&#in trying to tip it and Just let me F$&%#$@ see it are probably good words of advise.

As someone who plays defense most of the time now, I really have grown to appreciate the helpful tips and try to take them to heart. As for Gary who is realatively new at playing a regular shift on D , I feel that you goal tenders may want to lighten up on the helpful tips.

That said the game was enjoyable as usual. Outside of the near death experience of our faithful Joe A. the game was pretty close . Scotty G. lead the charge for Black and even though the white team played agressively, they just couldn’t counter at the end.

Hopefully we’ll have a special place for “Goalie Speak” on the site soon. Thanks to Joe and Kyle for being there and thanks to all of the TMHL players for making the Tuesday Morning skate fun as usual. Check out some of the new photos https://oldguyhockey.com/old-guy-hockey-photos/old-fart-photos  see you all next week. Oh ya almost forgot to thank Nev for the donuts and Maple Syrup 🙄

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