Bruins and Rangers Traditional Handshake 5/25/13

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The hand shake of sportsmanship should be a standard in all Sports Playoff series. After battling as they do game in and game out, and then to be able to put aside the anger ,strife, shame, frustration, pride and whatever else comes with it, shake hands and acknowledge each other as warriors as well as professionals. I just love it. Steve…

May 26, 2013

Friday Morning Hockey 5/17/13 – Old Guy of the Week

Old Guy of the Week –  After taking up Goal tending 4 months ago…Nev’s starting to look like a super star between the pipes! Covering for Tommy, who must have needed his beauty rest, Nev did a great job. Even though our games are usually in the double digits, Both Goalies Ronnie and Nev made a lot of great saves. Another fun Friday Skate with all our regulars. Missing in…

May 18, 2013

Boston Moment of Silence One week after the bombing

Part of me didn’t want to even think about this anymore … I just wanted to move forward. Then as I was heading home from work to do a few errands I was listening to sports radio 93.7 FM… those in the Boston area know the station… and I was listening to their coverage of the last week and realized how much this situation affected me. First thing is that…

April 22, 2013

Boston Garden National Anthem 4/17/13

As we all have been angry, sad, questioning, numb and any other adjective you can come up with since Mondays Bombing of the Boston Marathon. As a Hockey Fan I was greatly moved by the response to the singing of the National Anthem as I’m sure all who watched the Game were. It was one of  those moments in life that needed no intro or explanation. It was a group…

April 18, 2013