Holiday Hockey at It’s most Fluid Holiday Edition

Want to thank Lance, Dave, Joe, Scott and who ever else contributed to the wonderful set up we had in the locker room this morning. Quite a variety of post hockey spirits to enjoy. Also thanks Nev for setting up our annual breakfast at Bud’s … Great breakfast as you can see by some of those platters. Great time . Have a great Christmas everyone. I’ll see some of you…

December 20, 2013

Tuesday morning hockey 9/10/13

The black team got spanked this morning by the continued onslaught from the white teams offense. Black got out to a quick lead with one early on , but that was it. The final was something like 8-1 …. Ouch! The white team played a tight game all around … good goal tending (Fitzy) along with good “D”. The Black team missed a few good opportunities but couldn’t match whites…

September 10, 2013

Old Guy Hockey for the Fall Season

    As the summer ends and fall kicks in we usually see our numbers at the rink stabilize as most of the vacations are out of the way. Most of the guys that skate in the morning do so all summer long. We have had a few fishing and golf excursions that lightened the numbers a few times. Thankfully for the leaders of morning pick up and League Hockey…

September 5, 2013

Stanley Cup Playoffs Game 5 Boston vs Chicago

As we all get ready to watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs : Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Black Hawks I wanted to pass along a message :   An old friend of mine and the man in charge of raising Money for the Nashua Children’s Home through the ADPP (all day power play), Bill Dwyer, sent out a great email the other day that I’d like to share….

June 22, 2013

Friday Morning Hockey 5/31/13 – Old Guy Hockey – Old Guy of the Week

Old Guy of the Week –  This weeks OGH old guy of the week has to go to our faithful Goal tender Ronnie N. Even when he’s not between the pipes (due to an undisclosed injury that kept him from playing, probably a hang nail or something like that) Ronnie always shows up with the drinks and pucks and hangs out and does the score board… Thanks Ron! As the…

June 3, 2013