Conway Arena FMHL and Skate 3 FMHL – Old Guy Hockey

Sounds like the beginning of many more Friday mornings at Skate 3 was a Success. Skate 3 FMHL directors Nev and Mike Reported :   Thanks guys that was a great 1st skate. Nice job Mike Canter, Did you use your go pro video today? Could be worth $10,000. Thank You for the entertainment.  I think in the next 2 or 3 weeks we can get those double runners off you…

February 15, 2013

High Tech Helmet Cam

For those of you who were at the rink a few weeks ago , we had a real treat. After Rollie settled in and started to get his gear on he say’s “hey Check out my new helmet Cam” and out of his hockey bag attached to his helmet is the relic that you can see in the photo. Nice job hooking up that contraption. Most of us can remember using…

December 3, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 11/27/12

Sorry for my lack of reporting the last few weeks. The highlights as I remember are our faithful goalie Kyle posted a shut out a few weeks ago! For those of you regulaaaaaaaa’s on Tuesday Morning, you know this is a rare event. I’m not sure if the star’s were all aligned, the defense was spectacular, the opposing offense sucked or Kyle as we know he can, was standing on…

November 27, 2012

Support Your Local Small Business

For Many of us it’s alot easier to make the one stop shop and hit the big box store for all our needs. I like to shop online instead since I don’t like the crowds and traffic. But when it comes to most items I will try to support the local small Businesses. For many years I was the local small business in the Catering realm and really appreciated all…

November 19, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 11/6/12

Tuesday Morning Hockey Election Day 11/6/12 … The presidency may change hands today… But the TMHL will forge forward with it’s policies of Locker room banter, a few laughs, exercise for all and post game analysis. Seriously, as our Country seems to be changing and we all may have concerns for our future as well as our kids future, we can all be thankful that we live here and have…

November 8, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/30/12

This mornings game was questionable due to the big storm last night (Sandy). NH faired ok. Some of the guys had power outages at their homes but all in all everyone faired well. With that said where was everybody. We had an elaborate text / email system layed out to insure optimal communication. Brad was offered up by Brian to get to the rink early to check and see if…

October 30, 2012