Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/16/12

Well today started off with a pleasant surprise. Got to the rink and Paul mentioned that Richie Ray was playing net in Kyles place instead of Joe. Now as President Obama says often “Let me be clear” I’m not happy that Joe wasn’t in net ( if you read on you’ll find that is not the case)  but I was really happy to hear that Richie was back in action….

October 16, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/9/12

Well I have to say today’s game started off very slow. Slow in the speed department and slow in the scoring department. But all in all the game started to pick up pace as the clock ticked. Scottie G. led the black team’s offense with the zip that they needed to pick it up a little bit.  White started off sluggish but with the help off our fearless former goalie…

October 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 10/2/12

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a write up for our game. So here goes.  Prior to the game our fearless leader Paul flaunted his private stash ” quiet tape” which was hard to focus on with his fancy pink shirt in the background. As I was about to leave the locker room to head out an get a few photos before the game I noticed Nev trying to get…

October 2, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 9/24/12

Thanks to Neverett for a “better late than never”  review of the game.   Our goalie with the bullet cam got traded to Wednesdays but we are still waiting to find out what we get in return. I brought him beer and donuts last tues but he wasnt there. It is just not the same without him.  Even Paul is devastated, he is sending out emails a week in advance……

October 1, 2012

Congratulations Jade

One of our Old Guy Hockey Regulars just got Married recently.  All of us here want to wish you the best with your new Bride. Just make sure we keep seeing you at the rink ! Here’s Scott, Jay and the lucky groom Jade  enjoying a nice cold one ! See you guys at the rink!  BTW you guys clean up pretty well for a bunch of old guys !  

September 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 9/4/12

Thanks Joe for another colorful write up and the live action caught on your helmet Cam !   Woke up looking forward to hockey after the long weekend and missing MMHL. Bought a new goalie stick and new helmet cam and was eager to put both on the ice. Teams looked good and ready for battle, but that quickly changed. Black quickly started dominating the offensive zone led by their…

September 5, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 8/21/12

 Another Colorful Summary by our Faithful Goalie Joe Waking up at 5:30 there was a feeling of nervousness, could I possible fall victim to the same fate that was dealt my adversary Ron Normandin. Packed the car with the goalie equipment I headed to Cyclones for a 6AM puck drop. Walking in time was in slow motion, you knew something great was about to occur. Walking into the dressing room,…

August 23, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 8/14/12

 Today’s Guest Summary by one of our faithful Goaltenders Joe A.       After a 5 minute “warm-up” and watching Nev d!ck with the clock for another 5 minutes.   Puck Drops: 6:05AM   6:05.30 Black walks past white. Scores. 6:05.45 White attempts a break-out pass. Intercepted. Black scores. 6:06 White carries over the blue line. Dump and watch. Black recovers. Breaks out. Scores 6:07 Line Change for both teams….

August 14, 2012

TMHL .. Another Tuesday morning Game at Cyclones Arena

Game On As the game was about to begin I looked over to the white team side of the ice. I saw Scotty, Joe A, the other Joe A, Keith and the Big Men on D, Gordy and Kent. I looked at the Dark team and I saw Brian (hasn’t played in 2 weeks), Steve C. (been on vaca), Paul (playing injured), Dave usually plays D (playing up), myself (haven’t been…

July 31, 2012

Tuesday Morning Hockey 7/10/12

Thanks to Guest Writer Brian Twombly for an awesome game summary : What appeared to be shaping up as a smack down of the aging black team by a much younger white team turned into a battle for the ages Tuesday morning.   White jumped out to a quick commanding lead thanks to the “kid line” of Keith Vaillancourt, Joe Amato and the college bound Matt D’Angelo.  Early in the game…

July 10, 2012